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Affordable Homes Now is a November 8 ballot measure that will make it faster and easier to build more affordable homes to help alleviate San Francisco’s severe housing shortage and affordability crisis.

Get ready to vote YES for Affordable Homes Now on Election Day or when your ballot arrives in early October!


What is the Affordable Homes Now Initiative?

A new ballot measure that will make it faster and easier to build new homes in San Francisco that are affordable to low and middle income San Franciscans, public school teachers, and others who work in public schools or at community colleges.

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When will Affordable Homes Now be on the ballot?

Having successfully collected more than 52,000 signatures from SF voters, the Affordable Homes Now measure will be on the November 8, 2022 ballot.

Why is Affordable Homes Now necessary?

Because San Francisco has a severe shortage of affordable housing, and that’s in large part because it takes too long for the City to approve permits for new homes. (By “too long” we mean four to seven years!) Those delays then drive up the overall cost of housing and SF becomes even more unaffordable.

How does Affordable Homes Now solve this problem?

By streamlining the permitting and approval process so that it becomes faster and easier to build affordable and middle-income housing for our lower and middle income workers such as teachers, nurses, firefighters, small business owners, nonprofit workers, and others.

Will the Affordable Homes Now measure have labor standards for the construction workers building the new housing?

Yes. This ballot measure requires that builders pay construction workers family-supporting prevailing wages and cover the workers’ family health care costs. It also requires contractors to create opportunities for apprentices who are starting out their careers in the construction trades.

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Who is supporting the Affordable Homes Now Initiative?

This measure has wide-ranging support from a broad coalition of nonprofits and elected leaders including: Mayor London Breed, Supervisor Matt Dorsey, Senator Scott Wiener, Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco, Nor Cal Carpenters Union, GrowSF, Greenbelt Alliance, Housing Action Coalition, SPUR, YIMBY Action.

Paid for by Affordable Homes Now San Francisco. Committee major funding from: 1. John Wolthuis ($200,000), 2. Marco Zappacosta ($150,000), 3. Benjamin Spero ($100,000)

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